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Rabot is on a mission to build the world's best platform for Vision AI and warehouse operational intelligence to augment workforces in high speed and high volume environments.


Early Beginnings

Channa Ranatunga (CEO) was very familiar with the challenges in the Supply Chain and Logistics industry. He spent many years in various roles over his career to understand how it all worked including - a pack-and-mail store manager, an engineer working on supply chain solutions, and even as a warehouse worker. But, the lack of progress he witnessed within technology offerings and solutions within the supply chain industry compelled him to do something about it. In late 2018, Rabot was born.


Rabot Journey

As he gained more insights, Channa teamed up with Isura Ranatunga (his brother), a passionate roboticist and engineer, and Sandeep Suresh (childhood friend), an expert in AI/ML product development. Together, they developed a computer vision solution, Rabot Pack, to help standardize and streamline the packing process with visibility into warehouse packing operations.

Channa Ranatunga

"Within retail supply chains, warehouse operations are the most critical area for retail businesses. Whether it’s Amazon or a small shop, e-commerce companies are finding it tough to keep up with demand for fast, reliable, and efficient warehouse operations. And, it’s not only the growing volume of packages that need to be handled, but also the complexity of assembling and shipping orders."

Co-Founder & CEO

Isura Ranatunga

"Technical solutions typically disrupt processes already in place. Our approach is to understand the places, people, and processes deeply and develop a solution that works seamlessly within any given environment. We connect with the people working on the shop floor, hoping to understand the root of a problem before figuring out a solution that also incorporates Vision AI."

Co-Founder & CTO

Sandeep Suresh

"Our customers work in fast-paced, high stress environments. They need technology that’s easy to learn and use by anyone on the warehouse floor. Continuously partnering with our customers helps us build a solution that solves real problems, adapt to seasonal needs, and has a clear ROI."

Co-Founder & CPO


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