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Early Beginnings

Channa Ranatunga, our CEO, is no stranger to the challenges in the supply chain and logistics industry. He spent many years as a pack-and-mail store manager, an engineer working on supply chain solutions, and even as a warehouse packer to understand how it all worked.

Through these experiences, he witnessed a profound lack of technology solutions within the supply chain industry, which compelled him to do something about it. In late 2018, Rabot was born.

Rabot Journey

As he gained more insights, Channa teamed up with Isura Ranatunga (his brother), a passionate roboticist and engineer, and Sandeep Suresh (childhood friend), an expert in AI/ML product development. Together, they developed a computer vision solution, Rabot Pack, to help streamline the packing process with visibility into warehouse packing operations.

L to R: Channa, Isura, Sandeep
L to R: Channa, Isura, Sandeep
Today, Rabot has cut operations budgets in half for some of the largest fulfillment centers in North America.


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