Tue, Dec 20, 2022

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Custom Packaging during the Holiday Season and Beyond

Being unique is one of the ways to succeed in the business world. The competition in every industry is tough which automatically means you need to be ready to get out of the box. One of the options that can support your “uniqueness” is the usage of custom packaging.

The question most of you probably have is - “how will that help”. New investments always look risky. Because of that, we decided to change your approach towards this change by highlighting the 5 crucial reasons why you should invest in package customization. Let’s go!

1. Custom Packaging Boosts Your Brand Awareness

How your packaging will look depends on you. We suggest the customization of packages somehow relates to the background of your business and sends the right message to the right group of people.

With custom packaging, you are actually building a personal connection with the customer. They will get a very good first impression which will stay in their subconsciousness. That way, you are not just grabbing their attention; you are also getting their trust!

Your package will also have your logo on it. That means they will remember it very well and potentially recognize it on the streets. During the holiday season, the sales jump, which automatically means more people will potentially see your logo. We can agree this is a good opportunity to advertise your business and boost your brand awareness, right?

2. You Can Get an “Eco-Friendly Reputation”

Customization of the packages is possible in many different ways. But, who says that your boxes must be made of harmful materials? They can also be made of eco-friendly materials!

So, why is this important?

Did you know that more than 54% of buyers prefer to purchase products that are packed in eco-friendly packages? The percentages are even higher for people that are under the age of 44. Well, that is a good reason to focus on eco-friendly customized packages during the holiday season. You won’t just attract more people to put into consideration your products; you will also improve your reputation among your target audience.

They will see that you are worrying about planet Earth in general. Also, most eco-friendly packages are made of allergy- and toxin-free materials. That means you are also taking care of the health of each individual that buys your products. Be sure your target audience will appreciate such an effort.

Entrepreneurs often think that eco-friendly materials can’t be customized. However, that’s far away from the truth. You can find companies like Arka that are working only with sustainable custom shipping boxes and eco-friendly inserts. For a relatively affordable price, you can customize your boxes, poly mailers, or any other form of package. They can be in different shapes and sizes which makes them suitable for different types of items.

3. Better Protection for your Products

As we previously mentioned, sales increase during the holiday season. Trucks are all over the country and everything goes pretty quickly. Under those circumstances, many products can get damaged. That automatically means you will have to deal with a bigger number of exchanges and returns.

Instead of preparing yourself for a big number of returns, you should focus on the improvement of product protection. The only way to do that is to customize your packages in the right way.

Their design is irrelevant here. First and foremost, the packaging must be made of strong materials. Keep in mind that many eco-friendly materials have a pretty strong structure perfect for the protection of items. Also, they should be in perfect shape with appropriate inserts.

Of course, you can’t eliminate the returns due to damage completely. But, this is a useful method that can help you reduce them!

4. Boost Word-of-Mouth Promotion

Social media networks have become an unskippable part of our daily routine. But, paid ads are not the only way to advertise your product. Interesting, unique, and customized packaging can help you boost your word-of-mouth promotion.

On average, 40% of people share a video/boomerang or image of the product/gift with the custom package on their social media. We believe that, during the holiday season, that number is even higher. This way, you are not just improving your brand awareness (your logo on the package is crucial here), but you are also getting free recommendations from satisfied customers.

According to one study, nearly 75% of people claim that word-of-mouth is the key factor that influences their purchasing decision. You understand very well what this means for your business (not just during the holiday season).

5. Custom Packaging Brings Financial Benefits

After everything we said in the previous part, you can conclude that businesses can increase their sales and reduce returns thanks to the customization of their product packages. Logically, this is not a guarantee as you need to find the best possible way to do that. Hiring experts in this field seems like the most legit option.

But, the improvement in sales is not the only benefit you will get in terms of financial income. First and foremost, eco-friendly materials are cheaper compared to the ones that most companies of today use for their packages.

On the other hand, with an appropriate shape, you will manage to put more of them at once in the truck. That automatically means the shipping fees will be lower. Also, the transport will be much quicker which will only make your target audience more satisfied. In the end, you will have more space in your warehouse. If possible, you may have a chance to add a new product and expand your offer!


As you see, there are many reasons why you should invest in custom packaging during the holiday season. But, if you ask us, that type of investment should not stop when the holiday season ends. All the benefits we talked about will stay there. The only thing you can do is make some minor changes. But, do that only after you analyze the improvement in profit, brand awareness, and other metrics you captured from implementing customized packages.