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Staci NVidia Zebox

Rabot Pack™ AI unlocks agile, adaptable solutions to scale fulfillment

Our solution captures data and delivers real-time actionable insights.

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What Our
Customers Say

It’s groundbreaking to be using this technology. It provides the valuable information necessary to give proper guidance and support for our operations to improve and do their best.
Johanna Pudda, Staci USA
We originally invested in Rabot's pre-seed round. After working closely with the team and seeing how well they executed; plus hearing from customers how impactful and one of a kind the product was for their operations, we decided to invest more in Rabot.
Michael Cardamone, Forum Ventures
Rabot’s vision AI solution is not only solving current challenges of visibility and productivity in e-commerce fulfillment warehouses today, but also improving collaboration and communication within warehouse operations teams. We are excited to partner with Channa, Isura and Sandeep on their journey.
Henri Deshays, Newfund Cap
Just showing the video and posing the question ["what happened here?"] is huge, because we can now see what's happening. And, this was the catalyst [for us] to transform our operations.
Sr. 3PL Operations Leader, Northeast US, Global 3PL Provider
With Rabot, I can make quick changes to our current procedures [for my merchant partner] and quickly measure the benefit in productivity and scale it to other areas within our warehouse.