Grow your revenue with AI-powered packing operations

Improve efficiency and quality of every packed order at your fulfillment warehouse with Rabot’s AI powered machine vision system.

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Rabot's AI-powered cameras are set up overhead to focus exclusively on packing stations.
Rabot uses AI and machine learning to identify errors and verify what goes into every single customer order.
The Rabot dashboard makes it easy for floor managers and customer services reps to visually verify every single customer order.
Reduce returns & incorrect claims

Full visibility into every single package the moment Rabot is installed.

Spot missed opportunities for time efficiency

Easily see how much time is spent on specific activities in the fulfillment process and help onboard and train your employees with ease.

Troubleshoot individual orders easily

Automated error checks help you avoid mistakes before they happen, while Rabot video records help you address customer concerns after the fact.

Top 3 Best Practices for E-Commerce Warehouse Quality Control

When it comes to running a warehouse, challenges in quality assurance and control are to be expected. All along the supply chain, many people and processes are involved; from picking and packing orders all the way to loading trucks and shipping. Warehouses are fast-paced environments where human errors can occur at any point. If not […]

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